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Consumer Product Services

Rachel Murray Meyer

Toy Safety and Quality, Inc

San Francisco CA 94118

rachel.tsq (at)

Rachel Murray Meyer provides expert guidance for Safety, Quality, Regulatory & Retail and Corporate Social Responsibility Compliance. She works with you and your team during product development and advises designers, marketers, and engineers in the US, as well as engineers, suppliers, and third party labs overseas. Areas of expertise include:

✓ Corporate Quality Policy and Strategy
✓ Quality Assurance Program Development
✓ Compliance with legal regulatory requirements
✓ Age Grading for Safety and Marketing
✓ Design Hazard – Risk Assessment
✓ Concept, Design and Model Evaluation
✓ Package and Product Labeling
✓ Test and Inspection Programs
✓ The Consumer Product SafetyImprovement Act (CPSIA)
✓ U.S. Consumer Product Safety Act
✓ Hazardous Substances Act
✓ ASTM F963-17 Toy Safety Standard (Voting Member)
✓ EU Toy Safety Directive
✓ Responsible Sourcing – Code of Business Conduct
✓ RS Audits and Programs
✓ Vendor Compliance & Audit Procedures
✓ Safety Requirements
✓ State, Federal, and International Compliance